Vocational Work Task Boxes {students w/special needs}

Vocational Work Task Boxes This resource contains 16 different work task boxes to promote pre-vocational skills to help your students with functional vocational training that is so difficult to find....

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Vocational Work Task Boxes

This resource contains 16 different work task boxes to promote pre-vocational skills to help your students with functional vocational training that is so difficult to find. Students with Autism and other development delays have shown to show significant employment success rates when given enough time to practice basic skills, such as these. These work tasks can be used for individualized instruction, group work or in an independent station.

What tasks are included?

  • loading medical items
  • loading office items
  • loading hair care items
  • loading dental hygiene items
  • sorting addresses (by zip and state)
  • assemble the mail
  • organizing pills
  • identifying medication bottles
  • paying the bills
  • measuring beans
  • rolling coins
  • hardware sort
  • filing by month
  • refilling shakers
  • sorting boarding passes

What else is included?

  • a printing page
  • a supply list
  • printable labels (large and small)
  • teacher prep instructions
  • differentiation suggestions to make tasks easier or more difficult
  • task objectives
  • list of supplies
  • printable materials

What other materials will I need?

There are a bunch of materials that will need to be purchased or supplied by you to complete each task box. Here is the complete list of materials for this resource. You do not have to make all of the task boxes at once. Start with a few and add to your collection over the year.

61 cotton balls, 39 cotton swabs, 41 band-aids, 22 tongue depressors, 27 latex gloves, 8 baggies, 42 paper clips, 14 binder clips, 16 blue pens, 19 black pens, 30 rubber bands, 8 baggies, 92 bobby pins, 48 hair ties, 10 combs, 10 shampoos, 9 conditioners, 8 baggies, 10 toothbrushes, 8 flosses, 6 toothpastes, 3 mouthwashes, 4 large baggies, empty bins to sort, Velcro, 30 pieces of candy (Smarties), 3 empty pill bottles, 16 empty pill bottles, pen or pencils, a liquid measuring cup, 1 scooper, 5-6 cups of beans (or corn or rice or bird seed), 50 dimes, 40 nickels, 40 quarters, 40 pennies, coin wrappers for all coin types, bins for sorting coins, metal screws, wood screws, nails, washers, nuts, hex bolts, screw eyes, hook screws, hardware, index card box, empty salt shakers and pepper shakers, large container of slat, large container of pepper, a funnel

This may seem like a large list, but some of the boxes can be modified to include a few of these items. This is the max list for the complete set of vocational work task boxes.

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