Teach, Task Box, Inspire

Promote independence in your special needs leaners more easily!

without all the late night prep-work!

Are you struggling to engage your special education students?

Do your students have limited independent skills?

Are your students SUPER prompt-dependent?

Are you finding that students need extra help and practice with their fine motor skills?

Do your students struggle to follow an established  routine?

I've had students like that, too!

if any of that resonated with you ...

I know that you're a dedicated special education teacher, but prepping for class takes a lot of time, resources, and your precious energy.

You want to allow your special education students more autonomy while providing meaningful activities, but where should you even start? 

Between prepping your classroom, cutting and laminating activities for your students, collecting data, and writing IEPs. You are exhausted by the end of the day! 

By 6 PM, you are ready to collapse on the couch and turn on Netflix, but there is still so much that needs to get done! 

Let me show you an easier way!

Imagine if you could ...

Tailor student learning and practice you are providing to each student. This will allow students to maintain and continue practicing skills they have mastered.

So they truly develop life-long skills for independence.

Create an environment for your students where you can reduce their anxiety and promote confidence. 

As students get used to the structure and completion of task boxes, you will see a perceptible shift in the classroom environment. 

Collect data more easily. 

Using task boxes is so helpful in collecting and analyzing data and further adjusting instruction for individual student needs. 

Task boxes allow individualized and data-driven instruction. Plus you can use them for quick assessments. 

introducing ...
the Teach, Task Box, Inspire membership!

 Includes 5 fully-prepped task boxes, delivered to your doorstep (or inbox) every single month.

It is perfect for special education teachers who are ready to get their students excited about learning and promote independent skills.

If you are short on time (or energy) this is for you!

The Teach, Task Box, Inspire Membership includes the following:

  • 5 brand new, never seen before, task boxes
  • Rounded Curriculum (Social Studies, ELA, Math, Science, SEL, Life Skills)
  • Your choice of a subscription box shipped right to your door (includes digital files) OR the digital version to print at school or home
  • Instant access to digital files
  • 3 grade bands to choose from
    • K-2
    • 3-5
    • Vocational-Life Skills

How does it work?

Take a Look Inside!

If you purchase the physical subscription box, here's an example of what you'll receive.

+ All digital files AND access to teacher-led video directions in your account dashboard.

Opting for JUST the digital subscription? Here's a look at what you'll receive.

Teachers Love it!

Busy Special Education Teachers, like you, LOVE using Task Boxes in their classrooms!

What’s Included in the Teach, Task Box, Inspire Membership?

$64 monthly / $640 Annually

FREE SHIPPING to Continental US

Physical + Digital Versions

  • Delivered right to your doorstep every single month
  • Your choice of 3 different grade bands
    • K-2 grade band
    • 3-5 grade band
    • Vocational-Life Skills grade band
  • 5 monthly-themed, engaging standards-based task boxes that help your students practice academic skills and life skills
  • Every piece is prepped for you
    • Printed in vibrant color on 60lb cardstock paper
    • Laminated for durability
    • Hand-cut task cards and matching pieces
    • Has velcro on all necessary pieces
    • Direction cards included
    • 4 Multi-colored plastic storage boxes
    • Student recording sheets 
    • Answer keys
  •  Digital download included so you can reprint the Task Boxes at any time (Value is 💲9 per month).
  • ⭐️ 2 Months Free for Annual Subscriptions! ⭐️ 

$9 monthly / $90 Annually

Delivered right to your inbox

Digital Version ONLY

  • Your choice of 3 different grade bands
    • K-2 grade band
    • 3-5 grade band
    • Vocational-Life Skills grade band
  • 5 monthly-themed, engaging standards-based task boxes that help your students practice academic skills and life skills
  • Student recording sheets
  • Answer keys
  • Reprint the monthly-themed Task Boxes any time you need without limitations
  • Delivered right to your inbox every single month
  • ⭐️ 2 Months Free for Annual Subscriptions!⭐️ 

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Hi, I'm Lisa!

I am Lisa Hollady from ChalkBoard SuperHero. I have been a special education teacher for almost 20 years! I am obsessed with fostering student independence in my special education classrooms and I am known for creating highly engaging, adapted materials for students with special needs! I also have a son with special needs, which gives me a very unique perspective!

Creating specially designed task boxes has been a hobby of mine for the past 7 years and I am so glad that I have created this membership just for you! My goal is to save you time, by creating hands-on, engaging, standards-based task boxes to elevate your instruction without all the prep work!

Teach Task Box Inspire the Membership

Frequently Asked Questions

Each month includes 5, brand new, never been seen before Task Boxes to enhance your teaching and make learning fun.  Each month will be a variety of task boxes that cover skills like, Life skills, Math, Reading, Science, Social Studies, and SEL skills.  Each of these 5 boxes will be delivered right to your doorstep every single month, fully prepped for you.  All the printing (in color), the laminating, the cutting (which takes the longest), adding the velcro pieces, and putting them into photo boxes is done for you!

Each month includes 5, brand new, never been seen before Task Boxes to enhance your teaching and make learning fun.  Each month will be a variety of task boxes that cover skills like, Life skills, Math, Reading, Science, Social Studies, and SEL skills. All you have to do is print these out and prep them yourself. If you are short on time, I recommend the physical box!  

If you are purchasing the physical subscription box, then no, there is NO PREP for you at all!  You will be getting the digital version as well – in case you lose a piece!

But if you are purchasing JUST the digital version, then yes, you have to prep all the materials yourself.

I have a blog post on how I manage all the task boxes in my classroom.  You can check that out here. 

Print and Digital subscriptions are 💲64 per month (including shipping)

Digital Subscription only is 💲9 per month

If you pre-pay for the entire year, you will receive one month for free!

One time purchases for PAST month boxes and digital files are 💲75 and 💲15 each month, respectively. You can check those out here. 

There are 3 grade levels which you can choose from

  • K-2
  • 3-5
  • Vocational and life skills

Then, you will choose the type of subscription and if you would like the physical prepped box, or the digital file only.

Monthly subscriptions renew on the 1st of each month, regardless of when you purchase.

Yearly subscriptions renew 1 year after the original purchase date.

Head over to the past task boxes shop to get past months as one-time purchases.

If you are a monthly member, your subscription will renew on the 1st of each month.

I ship the boxes as soon as possible so that you will receive the box before the beginning of the next month.  

The digital file will appear in your membership portal on the 1st of the month as well!

You should receive your order within 3-7 business days.

All orders will ship with tracking.

Chalkboard Superhero is not responsible for lost or stolen packages once marked delivered by the postal carrier or inaccurate addresses entered by the buyer.

Please ensure there is a secure location for you to receive packages, or request boxes to be held at your local post office for pick up to ensure safe delivery.

Absolutely! Fill out this form and we’ll get it set up!

If you need to switch grade levels, decide you want to upgrade to the physical box, or need to cancel your membership, just reach out to [email protected] so we can make the change!

That depends when you sign up! If you sign up before the next month is available, you will get that current month. I will ship physical box subscriptions until the last day of the month.

Example – If you sign up anytime between March 1st – 31st, your 1st box will be the April Task Boxes.  Then, your subscription will renew on April 1st and you will be sent the May Task Boxes

If you are interested in purchasing prior month boxes, you can find those here in my shop.

If you are a monthly subscriber, you can cancel by logging into your account. Payments are processed on the 1st of each month. After the current month is processed, there will be no refunds due to the digital nature of the product.

If you wish to cancel the yearly subscription, you must do so within the first 30 days. 

Each subscription to Teach, Taskbox, Inspire is good for one classroom. If your teacher friend would like to sign up, please pass them the link! 

You can also show your admin this flyer … you never know, they may pay for it for you! 

Just reach out to [email protected] with any other questions you might have!


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Shipping Note:

Physical boxes will be shipped out on the first week of each month.  If you purchase on the 2nd, your first box will not arrive until the next month.  I.e. If you start your subscription January 15, your first box will arrive in February.

All subscriptions will receive immediate access to digital files.  


Subscriptions are set to renew on the 1st of each month unless you opt for the annual plan.







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