Free Leveled Reading Comprehension Passages
FREE leveled reading comprehension passages

Are you always struggling to find quality, leveled reading comprehension passages for your special education students?

Then look no further.  

These worksheets were created to make special the planning process easier for teachers like you! Whether you are planning for your literacy instruction or just need a tool to progress monitor an IEP goal, these worksheets are great.

We have all have been inundated with all the things that we need to plan and differentiate for.  The worksheets do all the work for you which will make your life so much easier!

I have created 225 passages for you and even some FREE worksheets for you to try!  Therefore, that is enough reading comprehension passages to last a whole school year and even summer school!  Keep reading for your FREE passages!

Let me tell you about them!

reading comprehension passages

Do these Reading Comprehension Passages Really work?

Comprehension is really difficult for students in special education. However, having an organized and predictable routine can make such a difference! The more practice that students can get with comprehension, the better chance they have of understanding it.  In other words, all of the worksheets are in the same format so that the students really understand what is expected from them. However, you would love these ones!

Reading Comprehension Passages 3 Different Levels

What are the different levels for the reading comprehension passages? 


  • passages are shorter and a bit easier to read (or read by the adult)
  • there are only 3 questions
  • only works on Who, What, and Where
  • visual cues for non-verbal learners
  • finding the evidence only works on highlighting specific words
  • cut and paste options


LEVEL ONE (easier)

  • passages are shorter and a bit easier to read
  • there are only 3 questions
  • only works on Who, What, and Where
  • multiple-choice questions
  • finding the evidence only works on highlighting specific words


LEVEL TWO (harder)

  • passages are longer and a bit harder to read
  • there are 4 questions
  • works on Who, What, Where, and When
  • open-ended questions
  • finding the evidence needs to go back and read


How to use these passages with my students:

have your students:

  • read the passage 3 times
  • color the star after each read
  • answer the comprehension questions
  • find the keywords (if applicable)
  • find the evidence (if applicable) 

Similarly, you can also use these as a tool for collecting data for your IEP goals related to comprehension. 

march reading comprehension passages for students with special needs

What is included in a Month's Bundle?

One month of reading passages will provide you with 45 passages of reading comprehension practice.  Each worksheet has a short passage, 3-4 WH questions, focusing on Who, What, Where, and When Questions (I have left out the Why as this is a very difficult question and students struggle with this and so I will work on it separately).  Students are asked to read the passage 3 times, answer the questions and go back to find some evidence.  After that, you will have enough for the whole month!

 You will get:

  • 3 different levels of each passage
  • 15 different passages

What grade level are these passages?

Although these passages do not have a specific level attached to them, I have designed them to be in the first – second-grade ballpark.   Those students who are unable to read the passages will still be able to have the passages read to them and answer the comprehension questions. 

Cut and Paste Reading Comprehension Passages 3 Levels
This emergent level reading comprehension passage is from the December Bundle

What makes these reading comprehension passages so unique?

The reading comprehension passages are differentiated and so you are able to work with students who can answer open-ended questions, multiple-choice questions, and students who need visual supports all in the same reading group.  You can have a fully-included literacy instruction lesson!  For instance, you can have 3 different grade leveled-students sitting at your reading group using the same passages.  AMAZING!

Another thing that I just couldn't find in other passages, were the visual field of 4 options, and for students who needed that cut and paste option.  However, I could find these types of things in different formats, but I wanted it all in one resource. 

I knew I had to create an emergent level for students well below grade level.  

This specific reading comprehension passage is from my December Bundle, you can grab that here!

What is included in the Year Long Bundle?

There are 15 different bundles included in this year-long resource:

  1. January themed
  2. February themed
  3. March themed
  4. April themed
  5. May themed
  6. June themed
  7. July themed
  8. August themed
  9. September themed
  10. October themed
  11. November themed
  12. December themed

And 3 bonus BUNDLES

  1. Animal themed
  2. Fantasy-themed
  3. Science themed

That makes a whopping 225 passages, which is enough for all 12 months of the year!

In addition, if you would like to grab this MASSIVE BUNDLE you can do that HERE!

Are there any passages for secondary students?

Similarly, I am currently working on a real-image-only bundle that would be for secondary students.  Or really any student that would prefer real images to clipart. 

This is something that I am continuously working on this year.  For instance, I am currently creating a few bundles (December and January) but they are taking me a long time to find just the right pictures to use for these passages.  You can find them here!

Okay, I am ready to try these passages out, where are the FREE ones?

In conclusion, I have two free versions for you:


Both of these are FREE for you to try!  Each one has 5 passages.

You can also click the image below!

I am a High School, self-contained Autism teacher from Central New York, who is passionate about individualizing student learning. I am a mommy of three, lover of all things Disney, married to my best friend and addicted to chocolate!! I hope that you find great ideas and inspiration here, so welcome!!

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