Reading Comprehension Answering WH Questions {FEBRUARY} 3 LEVELS



Answering WH questions (who, what, when, where) in any text can be difficult for many students, especially those with special needs. Here are 15 February-themed passages that you can use in your classroom. Now with 2 different levels so that you can differentiate your worksheets. You can work on following directions, answering -wh questions, and going back and finding the evidence all on the same worksheet. The student can read the passage three times to work on fluency and then color the star each time. There are no why questions in this pack, this is the hardest question to answer and I want to work on that question separately.

Included in this resource?

15 simple passages to work on comprehension

  1. Valentine's Day
  2. Groundhog's Day
  3. President's day
  4. Sending a Letter
  5. A Letter in the Mail
  6. Vacation Time!
  7. So Much Candy
  8. Loving my Dog
  9. February 29th
  10. George Washington
  11. The Dentist Office
  12. Chinese New Year
  13. Rosa Parks
  14. 110th Day of School
  15. Black History Month

What is the difference in the levels?


  • passages are shorter and abit easier to read (or read by the adult)
  • there are only 3 questions
  • only works on Who, What, and Where
  • visual cues for non-verbal learners
  • finding the evidence only works on highlighting specific words
  • cut and paste options
  • finding high-frequency words in the text

LEVEL ONE (easier)

  • passages are shorter and a bit easier to read
  • there are only 3 questions
  • only works on Who, What, and Where
  • multiple-choice questions
  • finding the evidence only works on highlighting specific words

LEVEL TWO (harder)

  • passages are longer and a bit harder to read
  • there are 4 questions
  • works on Who, What, Where, and When
  • open-ended questions
  • finding the evidence needs to go back and read

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