Gingerbread House Project


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Are you looking for something fun to do around the holidays? Why not build a gingerbread house that is not only fun and engaging but a great way to practice so many other skills as well. It’s a great way to practice the design process, peer collaboration and perseverance.

Put your students into groups and let them choose their own team names. Have them use the included design sheets to help design and plan out a gingerbread house. Two recipes are included to make the gingerbread and royal frosting. Have students plan out how many of each type of candy that they would be using. Have them work together to build the house. Put all the houses on display and have a voting contest on who built the best house. I have included writing worksheets, a rubric and a reflection sheet as well.

What's Included?
*lesson plan pages
*team name tags
*visual recipe cards (w/ baking materials)
*blue print paper
*group planning sheet
*voting sheets
*reflection worksheet
*writing worksheets


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