Functional Life Skills Task Boxes {special education} 53 task boxes

Are you looking to teach Life Skills in a fun, hands-on way to your special education students? This set of 53 different task boxes that focus on life skills is...

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Are you looking to teach Life Skills in a fun, hands-on way to your special education students? This set of 53 different task boxes that focus on life skills is a great addition to your collection of task cards in your special education classroom. Now including Candian money versions of the task boxes.


These task boxes are pulled directly from my Functional Life Skills Curriculum. If you already own that curriculum or any unit in it, you do not need these.

I pulled these out because I had people ask for just the task cards only.

What Task Cards are included?

There are 53 different task boxes included that go with each unit.

Traveling and Transportation Unit:

1. public transportation vocab matching

2. packing a suitcase

3. luggage tag matching

4. road trip expectations

Personal Care and Hygiene Unit:

1. oral hygiene

2. parts of the bathroom

3. getting dressed

4. sequencing handwashing

Meal Planning and Prep Unit:

1. sort the groceries

2. using a shopping list

3. sorting meals

4. using coupons

Health & Nutrition Unit:

1. exercising vocabulary

2. healthy vs. junk food

3. reading a menu

4. sorting food groups

5. Reading Nutrition Labels

Housekeeping Unit:

1. trash or recycle

2. sorting laundry

3. which cleaning supplies?

4. labeling cleaning supplies

Safety and Emergencies Unit:

1. community safety signs

2. safety drill situation cards

3. emergency situations

4. emergency responders

Coping with Stress Unit:

1. feeling sick matching

2. coping strategies matching

3. matching emotions

4. using your coping strategies

5. real photos label the feelings

Social Skills Unit:

1. conversations: asking questions

2. greetings

3. asking for help

4. conversation scenario cards

5. using my manners

Money: The Basics Unit: (including Canadian version)

1. matching money

2. counting coins

3. making change

4. dollar up method one dollar

5. dollar up method 5 dollars

6. do I have enough?

Money: Budgeting Unit:

1. needs vs wants

2. do they have enough

3. is it in my budget?

4. paying the bills

Vocational Skills Unit:

1. filing cabinet sort

2. filling orders at the bagel shop

3. custodial scenarios

4. stock the items

Leisure Time Unit:

1. leisure matching

2. planning for free time

3. is this a hobby?

4. Leisure activities

Are you tired of boring worksheets! Looking for something new? Here are 16 Primary task boxes that are all related to some life skills that are needed, that can be used in small groups, independent centers, one on one instruction, and take-home boxes for homework for that extra needed practice!! These tasks boxes, or task cards, help promote independent learning skills for early learners, gifted students, ELL students, and Special needs or SPED teachers. These are targeted toward first, second, or third-grade reading level although, for my high school students, I still use them because some of my kiddos are lower cognitive.

This resource can be used all school year. I have created these specifically with special needs students in mind, to provide proprioceptive feedback while learning new skills. These task boxes are fun and engaging and keep kids wanting to learn and practice skills over and over again. Each task is made to fit perfectly in a small photo box or a crayon storage box. There are enough in this resource to fill one 16 container photo boxes. I purchased mine at Michaels.

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