Errorless 2D Shapes Adapted Books {14 books included}




Errorless 2D Shapes Adapted Books: These colorful and engaging interactive adapted books will help your students with their 2D identification and recognition skills in a fun, hands-on way! These adapted books are errorless, so they do not allow students to make an error.

Which adapted books are included in this resource?

  1. circle
  2. triangle
  3. trapezoid
  4. star
  5. square
  6. semi circle
  7. rhombus
  8. rectangle
  9. pentagon
  10. oval
  11. octagon
  12. crescent
  13. heart
  14. hexagon

Each adapted book has 8 different clipart images of real-life objects that students can place on the book without making any errors. Adapted books are a wonderful, hands-on resource that allows students to pay attention to detail, recognize key vocabulary words, and stay engaged.

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