ELA Task Boxes: Set 1, 2, 3 & 4 (bundled)

ELA Task Boxes (set 1, 2, 3 & 4) Are you tired of boring worksheets! Looking for something new? Here are 64 primary ELA task boxes that can be used...

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ELA Task Boxes: Set four

ELA Task Boxes: Set one - Primary

ELA Task Boxes: Set three - Primary

ELA Task Boxes: Set two - Primary


ELA Task Boxes (set 1, 2, 3 & 4)

Are you tired of boring worksheets! Looking for something new? Here are 64 primary ELA task boxes that can be used in small groups, independent centers, one on one instruction, and take-home boxes for homework for that extra needed practice!! These tasks boxes, or task cards, help promote independent learning skills for early learners, gifted Pre-K, Kindergartners, ELL students and Special needs or SPED teachers.

This resource can be used all school year. I have created these specifically with special needs students in mind, to provide proprioceptive feedback while learning new skills. These task boxes are fun and engaging and keep kids wanting to learn and practice skills over and over again. Each task is made to fit perfectly in a small photo box or a crayon storage box. There are enough in this resource to fill four 16 container photo boxes. I purchased mine at Michaels.

What is included in this bundle?


  1. WH- Questions
  2. Fact & Opinion
  3. Vocabulary Expansion
  4. Author’s Purpose
  5. Story Elements
  6. Main Idea
  7. Reading Comprehension
  8. Idioms
  9. Cause & Effect
  10. Text Features
  11. Beginning, Middle, End
  12. Context Clues
  13. Writing
  14. Character Traits
  15. Sequencing
  16. Inference


  1. rhyming words
  2. upper & lower case match
  3. beginning & ending sounds
  4. digraphs & blends
  5. simple sentences
  6. compound words
  7. find the sight words
  8. short vowels (o, a, e, u, i)
  9. CVC words
  10. CVCe words
  11. alphabet tracing
  12. ABC order
  13. syllable sort
  14. Singular & plural nouns
  15. synonyms & antonyms
  16. verbs, adjectives & nouns

SET three:

  1. Multiple Meaning Words
  2. Identifying statements, questions, and exclamations
  3. building sentences
  4. sight word sentences
  5. spelling sight words
  6. making inferences riddles
  7. alphabetical order
  8. Bossy R
  9. Main Idea
  10. Setting
  11. Characters
  12. Noun Sort
  13. Common abbreviations
  14. homophones
  15. Sequencing sentences
  16. irregular plurals

Set Four:

  1. WH – Questions
  2. prepositions
  3. contractions
  4. pick the right question words
  5. long vowel
  6. vowel teams
  7. diphthongs
  8. point of view
  9. prefix and suffix
  10. descriptive details
  11. categories sort
  12. story elements
  13. simple sentences comprehensions
  14. copy a sentence from a model
  15. identify key detail
  16. pronouns

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