“Stocking the Shelf” work task for Vocational Learning

how to use stocking tasks as a vocational center stock the drug store

I have a hard time coming up with different tasks that my students can do that are both meaningful and engaging when it comes to vocational work.  I work in the high school level and I am doing everything that I can to prepare them for the transition.  I love the idea of “stocking the shelf” but never wanted a large peg board in my classroom.

Problem solved.

I went to the dollar store and grabbed a black piece of foam board and I had some small command hooks and boom, I had a makeshift peg board.  The awesome part is, I can switch it out to whichever item I feel like stocking that week. 

how to use stocking tasks as a vocational center stock the drug store

Well, how do I make the items needed to stock?

All I did was google search product images and place them into a power point.  I made sure to not have them bigger than 3x5in.    This one I made specifically to stock a drugstore but you could make any type of store you want.

  • hardware store
  • grocery store
  • toy store
  • department store
  • convenient store

I mean the possibilities are endless!!!

how to use stocking tasks as a vocational center stock the drug store

You can download the pictures that I used for the drug store here.  Just print it out, laminate and then cut.  Punch a hole at the top and you are ready to go.

Also, another idea would be to run a log strip of Velcro down the foam board so that you can move around the command hooks to make space for bigger “items”

I have since expanded this activity to include filling purchase orders.  I do plan on adding more to this but I am currently busy creating my Life Skills Curriculum.   Here is a freebie that you can add to this task to make it a little bit more difficult.  I have my kids stock the shelf and then I have then fill one or two more purchase orders!!   It is so functional.

I print theses out and tape them to a small paper bag.  You can download that HERE.

Let me know in the comments for any other ideas that you may have for this!!

You can pin it for later here!

That's all for now!

I am a High School, self-contained Autism teacher from Central New York, who is passionate about individualizing student learning. I am a mommy of three, lover of all things Disney, married to my best friend and addicted to chocolate!! I hope that you find great ideas and inspiration here, so welcome!!

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  1. Hi! I am a new long term sub for a contained autism class. I teach professional development. THIS IS AWESOME!!! Made it and ready to expand once the kids latch on.

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